A couple of months ago I finished my first book. I intend for it to be the first book of a series of books entitled Super Slimey the Slug. The name of my first book is Thank Goodness We Have a Hero.

My series is about a slug who is a super hero for the insect world; he also saves plants from potential harm.

Thank Goodness We Have a Hero can be summarized as follows:

After Aldwin Ant grows tired in his search for sugar, he finds adventure in searching for the sweet treat with his daring friend, Archibald. To Aldwin’s surprise, the adventure he hoped for did not turn out to be as amazing as he expected. Thank goodness the insects of Nutty Nature Springs can use their bug bugles to call upon their hero, Super Slimey the Slug. But, will Slimey be able to rescue the ants from the dreaded Brandon Marshall who keeps a can of Raid-deAnt spray in his back pocket because he takes such pleasure in terminating insects? It sounds like too much for one slug to handle; however, you’ll learn that Super Slimey the Slug is no ordinary slug.

This book is best suited for children in third to fifth grade; however, adults would appreciate the humor as well.

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