In America, it seems that more and more people are determining their very own personal standards for moral behavior as if righteousness is a matter of opinion. I suppose some people will say that moral behavior is dependent upon your personal convictions and values; however, there are certain principles that we all know to be correct because they are inherent in nature. Take the abortion issue for example. How appalling is it that there is actually a debate about whether or not abortion should be legal? You would not even expect it to be a controversy. What kind of mother would sacrifice her own child as a means of assisting herself? You would think that any mother would surrender her own life to save her child; however, thousands of innocent lives are terminated due to lack of proper regard for life, specifically your own child’s life.

Sexual orientation is another unrighteous practice in which many people feel that it is a matter of choice. It’s always been astounding to me that all of earth’s creatures know that a male and female unite in order to procreate. Every creature understands this concept except humankind. Even those who are not Christians cannot justify homosexuality to be natural. In the most basic sense, the parts simply do not fit together and if everyone in the world were homosexual, humanity would cease to exists. This in itself should evoke a sense of deep-seated insecurity regarding the idea of homosexuality.

As a Christian, I love everyone and my greatest hope is that everyone will give their life to Jesus.

Of course, I expect to receive a lot of criticism for my little statement; however, I have a right to free speech like everyone else and I feel the urge to use it.